Epic Wine & Spirits Continues to Focus on Innovation - Announces Partnership with SevenFifty Technologies

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Epic Wines & Spirits Continues to Focus on Innovation - Announces Partnership
with SevenFifty Technologies

Cutting edge platform allows Buyers to search for products and wholesale pricing in their local markets.

October 13, 2014, Capitola, CA Epic Wines & Spirits announced today that they have entered into a partnership with SevenFifty Technologies. SevenFifty’s innovative platform allows wholesalers to easily search for products and wholesale pricing across all distributor portfolios in their local markets. Their service allows use of free text search or users can filter by style, geography, grape varietal, price, container type, and much more. “Epic Wines & Spirits continues to be at the forefront of innovative technology in the wine industry,” said Andrea Mondragon, Chief Operating Officer, Distribution. “We are thrilled to utilize SevenFifty’s platform to showcase our diverse portfolio, increasing our reach to thousands of prospective buyers.”

About Epic Wines & Spirits

Epic Wines & Spirits was founded in 1995 and has been owned by Bill Foley since August 2013. The company is guided by a simple prevailing goal: recognize products that will be cutting-edge tomorrow while paying attention to the needs of our customers and their clients today. The brands of Epic Wines & Spirits are unique, and important to both knowledgeable and emerging wine, beer and spirits consumers. Each product featured in the Epic portfolio has been specifically selected for its quality, innovation and respect for tradition.

The people of Epic Wines & Spirits are industry professionals who have extensive backgrounds in premium wine, beer and spirits sales and distribution. Their knowledge of and passion for our products, combined with a commitment to customer service, have enabled Epic to become California’s fastest growing alcoholic beverage distributor, building lasting relationships with a sophisticated and demanding customer base.

About SevenFifty Technologies

Launched in January 2012, SevenFifty is a modern online platform for the wine and spirits industry and is available to all retailers, restaurants, and bars free of charge. Among many other features, SevenFifty lets professional buyers search across the full portfolios and wholesale pricing of leading local wine, spirits, and beer distributors and filter by style, region, vintage, size format, and more.