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Mestizo Mezcal

Mestizo Mezcal

A perfect convergence of cultures within each bottle. Mestizo Mezcal is an ancient spirit that is unique because of its distinctive, complex and aromatic flavors. MESTIZO is a perfect one-word description of how mezcal was created. Mestizo originates from the Latin mixticius, meaning mixed, and was used by the Spanish to refer to the mixing of the European and indigenous Mexican people. Mezcal is a fusion between the ancient beverage octli, produced by the indigenous tribes of Mexico, and considered to be a gift from the goddess Mayahuel, and the alambique distillation process introduced to the Spanish by the Moors and subsequently brought by the Spanish to the indigenous civilization of the American colonies. Today, the founders of Mestizo Mezcal work with its producers from the Mexican state of Oaxaca to further define and enrich the taste of their product and create a perfect convergence of cultures within each bottle. Mezcal is thus the first MESTIZO spirit of America.

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