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Cihuatan is proud to be pioneers in the handcrafting of rum, hailing from one of the smallest countries in America: El Salvador. Cihuatán’s story begins in one of its valleys, where the ancient Mayan city of Cihuatán remains undiscovered. To this day, this city lies buried with most of its secrets and history. Legend has it that a Goddess came to Cihuatán many centuries ago, and bestowed its lands with riches and fertility. She then went to sleep on the valley to always look after its crops. Her spirit still watches over our sugarcane fields, remaining in the shape of the Guazapa Mountain. Their rum is named after this legend: in Nahuat “Cihuatán” means “the land beside the sleeping woman”. 
Ron Cihuatán 8 Years is ready to be discovered. It is made 100% by Salvadoran hands from sugarcane cultivated deep within the still unknown Cihuatán Valley. Its amber color comes from the volcanic heart of the Sleeping Woman, next to which their sugarcane grows. For the 12 year old rum, they have waited over a decade to handcraft one of the best aged rums, not only in El Salvador, but in the world. Ron Cihuatán 12 Years represents their commitment to craft and quality.

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